TVS Diodes

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The Transient Voltage Suppressor diode (also known as a TVS Diode) is a protection diode designed to protect electronic circuits against transients and overvoltage threats such as EFT (electrically fast transients) and ESD (electro-static discharge). TVS Diodes are silicon avalanche devices typically chosen for their fast response time (low clamping voltage), lower capacitance and low leakage current. Littelfuse TVS diodes are available in both uni-directional (uni-polar) or bi-directional (bi-polar) diode circuit configurations.

When selecting TVS Diodes there are some important parameters to be considered, these are; Reverse Standoff Voltage (VR), Peak Pulse Current (IPP) and Maximum Clamping Voltage (VC max). View the TVS diode selection guide to learn more about how to select these devices and Littelfuse’s complete TVS diode offering


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